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LATEST EDITIONS — Elven-Faerie, Celtic, Druidic & Pheryllt Books by Joshua Free

Self-Initiation into Druidic Tradition

by Joshua Free — (D1,D2,D3)
SECOND EDITION “ANTHOLOGY” — the most comprehensive course in Druid magic, metaphysics and secret wisdom, designed for both novice and adept alike by prolific writer, Joshua Free. Come initiate yourself and gain clear understanding of the ‘secret knowledge’ of Druids including the full text from “The Book of Elven Faerie,” “Draconomicon” and “Druidry.”

The Secrets of Dragon Kings, Druids, Wizards & The Pheryllt

by Joshua Free — (D1)
A revolutionary exploration into the Elven Way, Celtic Faerie Tradition and Danubian Druidism — such as never seen before. Drawing from hundreds of sources, a complete Elven-Faerie tradition is compiled for the first time. Includes two grimoires bringing magic and enchantment of nature, the elemental world, astral plane and woodlands to life!

History, Magick and Traditions of Dragons, Druids and the Pheryllt

by Joshua Free — (D2)
Discovering the wisdom & power of the dragon has never been easier. Come and initiate yourself to the Great Mysteries and venture on a journey beginning in the primordial depths of the primeval abyss of the “Great Universal Dragon” and following through millennium of ageless mysteries into the present age… and the future!

Wisdom of Dragon Kings, Druids, Wizards and the Pheryllt

by Joshua Free — (D3)
Venture deep into folds of the Green World and initiate yourself to the greatest of the Celtic Mysteries – the Wisdom of the Druids! Explore the deep teachings of Druidic Lore, including core doctrines, Bardic triad teachings, natural philosophy, construction and use of ritual tools for performance of ceremonial magic dedicated to trees and Nature and more.


PHERYLLT_pb_cvr_frontcrop PHERYLLT (Vol. 1)
A Modern Guide to the First Systematizers of the Ancient Celts & The Pre-Druidic Religion

edited by Joshua Free — (P1)
We have been given little in classical literature or even antiquarian druidism to satisfy hunger for Pheryllt (pronounced FAIR-ee-llt or VAIR-ult) research, and even less to support an indepth critique of their founder, a figure named Pharaon – translated by some scholars to mean ‘higher powers’. “–So Ceridwen took to the crafts of the Book of Pheryllt to boil a cauldron of Awen.” Perhaps it is ‘Druid Craft’ to call down ‘higher powers’ to conjure inspiration and magic – perhaps that is what Ceridwen is doing in the famous reference above. In either case, it has spawned an entire branch of modern druid methodology and a natural universalist philosophy — even if only in spirit.

heryllt2pbcvrcrop PHERYLLT (Vol. 2)
Secrets of the Ogham: The 21 Leaves of Druid Wisdom from the Book of Ogma Sun-Face

edited by Joshua Free — (P2)
Trees are an inseparable icon to the Druidic archetype and they are central to this second volume of the Fferyllt series. The Seeker is led into deep forests of woodland mystery wherein lies the Great Magical Arcanum, initiation to the Divine Secrets of the Universe hidden within the runes of twenty-one Keys – the OGHAM – the secret language and alphabet of the woods.

Secrets of the Merlin Temple & The Blue Book of Welsh Bards and Druids

edited by Joshua Free — (P3)
The final volume! Completing the series of a classic archetype of “The Book” …of secrets, power and/or magic for the Druid Tradition, the Books of Fferyllt trilogy now exist both immaterially in spirit and as a ‘body’ (“corpus”) of literary work solidified in modern times from surviving fragments of ancient Druidry.