Dragon Bloodlines


Event: Lecture & Blog by Joshua Free
Location: Mardukite Home Office & Online (April 3, 2009)
Note: “This blog is dedicated to all those who have ever caught themselves speaking in public of speaking of mortal humans in third person…”

Level of Entry, Invit-nitiation & Sovereignty

Curiously, this posting was originally a response to something somewhat different altogether, but as all things in the Universe, certainly it has a manifold function now that I have culminated the various thoughts together. As to what this is originally a response to, I will leave that unsaid just as the post that sparked it had an effort of variegated ‘universality’ to it, the emphasis/direction was not missed, I assure you.

necrobiblehumb Let us consider for a moment, levels of entry, which is to say, the levels we find ourselves at, if only relative to another walking the same/similar path… dangerous business. In the past several months it has become readily apparent to me that no outward reflection can be a guarantee as to the progress or alleged ‘level’ an ‘initiate’ has aspired to – though many organizations will seek to prove otherwise in their confounded 3, 10, 13, 32/33/34 degrees…

It is curious to me to see how quickly within the ‘new age’ just how confounded this all has become, and unnecessarily so. True, the ‘elders of the craft’ sought to amaze us with their ambiguous, cryptic and enigmatic materials, and since that time most of us in the underground have been able to essentially “call a ‘spade’ a ‘spade’” in terms of ancient documents and traditions… (anyone heard of the Sheba BS written by Gerald Gardner, Aleister Crowley and Ross Nichols? And the accompanying 8-fold wheel…) and this too becomes gravely dangerous business, a business mostly within the realm of alleged ‘authorities’ on the matter, each eventually brooding against the remaining human race that has been so systematically kept outside the fraternalized doors of a friend-based social club for drinking and orgies! Some enlightenment…

gates d Not but several months ago I was ‘scouting’ in a local new age retail outlet when I overheard two girls talking about the subject of ‘wicca’ (more or less) and the one was accusing the other of not being a part of the true ‘witchcraft’ tradition because she didn’t know the semantics of some specific ‘three pillars’ doctrine or something of that nature. I listened as she described it and thought, yeah that sounded like something else I had heard, but in my 15+ years in the occult, had never heard described as some universal Wiccan doctrine (esp. since there really aren’t any… except maybe now the ever popular three-fold law, but even that is debatable) but I casually went over to where they were standing, (conveniently near copies of my Merlyn’s Magick book) and I pulled one of my books off the shelf and said to the one girl, “well, I wrote this when I was 16, that’s right a decade ago, and I’m not familiar with your version of these doctrines verbatim, though I was once initiated to Wicca, and I really dare you to call me a charlatan as you have essentially done to this poor girl over here.” Well, after the initial shock wore off, she agreed with the points I am essentially trying to make in the body of this text and curiously the two of them were friends…

So what awakening is occurring now…? Easy to understand, esp. from the underground…but, to do so requires the removal of semantics, not the creation of more. Anyone familiar with the idea of ‘new-speak’ from “1984” gets the idea. What we have done is confounded the mysteries and continued to propagate more ideas of ‘wishful thinking,’ a concept that has time and time again FAILED! Positive and wishful thinking has only brought to mind the notion that ‘something is wrong,’ or ‘something is out of place’ but then we go back to doing what we are doing! This is essentially the underlying drive for me to develop my more recent literary endeavor (actually a joint venture) with Morgana Emrys, titled: Sex, Money & Power Through Witchcraft. The mottoes of the current age: “Grin and bare it” “suck it up” “no pain, no gain” “time is money”…WTF? Do we seriously believe things have to be like this?

NecroWrkNewcrop I applaud the butterfly effect of most self-honest seekers and societies, and yet at the same time, find time and time again that anything that becomes a logical system, falls apart from the true ‘metaphysical’ ideal. And I find this challenge not only outside in the world, but within my own Mardukite organization which has always encouraged ‘silent membership’ to those who are not interested in ‘social fellowshiping’ with the outside world even beneath a familiar banner or casual semantics. Half the people I work with now know me from YouTube and the other half have never visited YouTube in their life – so we can never judge numbers, as the facts remain that majority of the rural nature-seeking, natural-living, earth-mystery ‘magickal’ folk do not fall under strictly defined semantics and titles, nor do they participate or enlist in ‘societies’ and ‘orders.’ This fact in and of itself throws off really any kind of true ‘census’ count to the ‘new age’… which isn’t even “new” at all, but a constantly evolving (we hope!) innate calling that has adjusted itself to the times and cultures throughout the ages.

Even in spite of my 15 years, some past-late-dead affiliations, and having read over 1,000 titles on the wide-spanning topics that is the vastness of the occult mysteries, metaphysics or spirituality (again a series of semantics/words for association!) I have continued to find aspects and elements that have evolved outside of my ‘field of awareness’ at a given time and yet also find judgment in some places for that very reason and for this mystery to evolve to the next phase, well, then we need to also – all of us, and this is vast number indeed that can no longer be restricted by one set of semantics or another. For example, I have a long-standing friend who absolutely refuses to accept the ideas of the Dragon Mysteries solely due to the ‘semantics’ – these notions some of us take for granted: draconian/dragon, elvish, faerie, vampyre, albigensian, templar, anunnaki, nephilim… we will never get farther than comparative lists until we realize the “unity” that underlies all of this – the Undefiled Source (God?) and Wisdom (sophian gnosis?) that is far and removed from this world led by Darkness.

HistoryNecronewcrop We find these semantic ideas even counter-productive in current undertakings, for example, the main function this month for me (and something that will be taking much of my time so I apologize now for the unavailability I will be having for April) is the ‘Marduk Star Gate Opening’ from the ‘Babylonian Necronomicon‘ Tablets and the effective shattering of the ‘Sixth Seal & Gate’ of the ‘Apocalypse’. Now, then… just these key words alone are going to be semantically interpreted from experience because that is how the mind works. This could either be an incredibly positive statement to a person or an incredibly negative one – and what is it that decides that? Our PROGRAMMING! For in essence, even in this world of infinite potentialities and ‘belief creates realities’ we still agree to and self-subject ourselves (willingly) to any system that becomes ‘systematized’ and this includes all underground, counter-culture and ‘new consciousness’ groups as well… which are always in danger of formulating the same limiting systems that they tried to get away from in the first place – don’t believe me: look at the whole reason for America’s founding and then what it has become today… yeah… lets free ourselves from one set of restrictions and limitations and create a new set, LOL, the human condition!

For example, most skeptics of the Necronomicon are usually Lovecraftians! How interesting is that. I’m really not one of those. I’ve never even read “Call of Cthulhu” – but I’ve scored over various versions of the Urillia, Magan, Underworld journeys of Inanna/Ishtar and other Babylonian Tablets – materials actually found in the Simon Necronomicon, and not the same as those found in Lovecrafts work, who really knew little about Sumeria/Babylon etc. So, who is the greater authority? No one. Because every self-appointed authority really has some other agenda for seeking the information they seek, even if it be a pure and true endeavor, they will instantly cling to those sources that confirm what they seek to confirm and deny those which pose problems to the theory – and here we have the entire problem of record-keeping which plagues everything from history to occult practices and again – for the sake of some system…

gates1lunarGatesAd1 On this very subject, I wish to redirect the readers attention to another set of iconographic semantic labels and names which further this unifying point, in every which say (you must understand something of the psychology of semantics to get my meaning here) but, okay… the article is called “The Biological Basis for Elitism and ‘Divine Right’ to Rule” (by Tracy Twyman) which first appeared in “Paranoia” magazine and then was later included as an appendix to The Dragon Legacy by HRH Prince Nicholas de Vere. Within this secret history of an ‘ancient bloodline’ we see this semantic war play out in all of its grandeur and beauty and are posed with a very real academic confrontation. And In her article, Twyman unifies this element quite clearly:

“The all-important element of the Divine Right is that it comes from God, or alternatively, the gods. And who were these gods? Authors like Zecharia Sitchin…Nicholas de Vere, are authoritatively convinced that kingship was created by an advanced race of beings called the ‘Annunaki,’ also called the ‘Nephilim’ in the Old Testament. They reportedly civilized the human race and interbred with a portion of it to create caste which until this day has maintained control over the Earth. These ‘celestial creatures’ have been variously identified with: Dragons, Elves, Fairies, Gnomes, Leprechauns, Sprites, Nymphs, Angels, Demons, Devils, Witches, Giants, Vampires, Werewolves and just about every mythical being you can imagine.”

The assumption therefore becomes to many that there is only one single unbroken chain back to the source of that kingship – and this might include, as many allude to now, the bloodline of the ‘grail’ or ‘jesus’ or ‘mary’, etc. Such concepts which the above writers have so long put forth by some media long before this modern ‘daVinci’ craze, quickly become taken for granted or become the subject of needless family feuds and genetic debates. The facts remain that it is all one but became variegated with the varying cultures and times and many have found more recently that they for some apparent reason (perhaps still unseen) are being called into this energy, which is obviously something we see taking place around us – those who are looking around beyond their left shoe/foot that is… because when you think of the evolution of the ‘new age’ what it really is echoing is an ecological need, and perhaps yes, a change in power/authority to re-direct us back to this ever-present need. But in the midst of it, we cannot work against ourselves as has become now even more evident in some rings that were originally founded with the best of intentions.

mardukitemgkthumbb Against the cautions of Einstein, even the atomic bomb was created with the ‘best of intentions’ so, at some point, we must shed the mortal spark that putrefies our reasoning and clouds and filters us away from self-honesty and recognize the truth of this matter. That being said, the different parts and factions are somewhat divided but again this becomes a matter of semantics, and there are semantics and such being used even now that I find myself having to ‘look up’ since it is an ‘unfamiliar term’ or ‘label’ or ‘name’ for a tradition – these things only become limitations if you allow them – and in filling out a recent ‘society questionnaire’ even I myself cocked an eyebrow on more than one occasion…and fought the urge to apply my more usual sarcastic wit.

Another fact remains that most us keep silent about our personal endeavors while even those of us with ‘online personalities’ to be maintained supply just enough to be personal and yet follow that third leg of the infamous ‘codex’ to “be silent”. For the preservation/purity of energies and also to just keep some people the hell away from you, that is a practice I strongly encourage because it eliminates the ‘public eye’ from both interfering negatively but also stroking the ego as it were, again, negatively. I have always felt that when it came to the true occult underground things were on a ‘need to know’ basis and basically no one ‘needs to know’. Therefore, some might take on funny names, hats and aprons and find some obscure Latin rendering as personal initials and we can do or so whatever because its a new persona. But within the personal communion between a “practitioner” and the Universe, well, there is only oneness and no personas, levels, ranks, titles, names or roles… because that is us as we truly are, each and every one of us. On the same level – a seeker – trying to find a shred of light amidst this reality of sludged darkness. And at this conjunction of ‘Great Synchronicity’ – none cross paths in vain or ‘coincidence’.

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