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DRUIDISM! – The Power of Merlin! Complete Master Course in Druidry for Modern Druids Finally Arrives!

The ultimate book of Druidism for all Druids of the 21st century!

Collected writings and research spanning a quarter of a century are culminated together to present the most complete guide, reference and course curriculum of druidry–ancient and modern–a spiritual, mystical and magical legacy of legendary renown that speaks relevantly to present times and will carry human evolution into the future. Classic materials originally composing over 7 books in total are expertly arranged for Truth Seekers in one amazing volume! Over 700 pages in all!

A Master Course in Druidry for Modern Druids

Hardcover Master Edition

Collected Works by Joshua Free

For the first time, anyone can gain unhindered access to the most complete collection of writings and records revealing answers to long sought after mysteries of the western world: the Secrets of the Druids. An entire esoteric research library–materials developed and revised underground from 1995 through 2020, collected by notoriously prolific mystic writer, Joshua Free–is now at your fingertips. Enter the Sacred Grove and initiate yourself to the greatest Mystery Tradition ever known in Western World while earning Universal Wisdom known only to Druids with the definitive textbook anthology developed by Joshua Free. It contains “Druid’s Handbook,” “Draconomicon” and the complete “Elvenomicon” compendium, including “Book of Elven-Faerie,” “Elven-Druid Grimoire” and “Greenwood Forest Grimoire.” But, if that were not enough, an initiate will also discover Joshua Free’s original collection of “Pheryllt Research” notebooks–and as an additional bonus: the critical materials excerpted from a specially designed Mardukite Master Course specifically for achieving the greatest success on the Route of Druidism, which also features the revised and annotated tercentenary edition of John Toland’s “Pantheisticon.”


Discover the enchantment of the Green World and partake in the hidden legacy and magick of the Ancient Mystery Tradition as once realized in Europe. Here is the key to unlock the forbidden knowledge that evolved throughout history and emerged into factions of the “Western Magical Tradition” observed frequently in the “New Age” movements of today. Joshua Free provides the expert guide on the reality of Druidism in the here and now–as controversial as it is revolutionary and proven effectively workable for our times… and into the future. Here is a textbook providing a foundation of certainty to all those Earth stewards intending to be future planetary guardians in the times being what they are. No dry academic postulating or worn out history lessons about geography and deeds of war leaders…

Here is Real Druidism!

When combined together and with the additional notebooks and the revived text of John Toland’s Pantheisticon contained within, there is simply no greater single source for all of what you seek regarding Druids, Druidry, Druidic Tradition and the future of Druidism. No matter what your opinions of the discoveries herein enclosed, you will assuredly not ever be the same for knowing them.

If you have been waiting for the ultimate archetypal tome of Druidism to finally arrive…

…your waiting is over!

NEW 2020 EDITIONS – Merlin’s Complete School of Druidism, Druidry and Magick for Modern Druids!


After several years, the underground materials finally return, revised and updated for anniversary collector’s editions in hardcover for the first time! The Joshua Free Publishing Imprint provides you with direct access to the finest literary materials in the amazing field of practical druidology and New Age druidism (Druidry) for a self-directed self-actualization course, rooted in the Pheryllt Dragon Tradition and Elven Way, developed underground by Joshua Free over the course of more than 25 years!.

A Master Course in Druidry for Modern Druids

Master Edition — Hardcover

collected works by Joshua Free

The Ultimate book of DRUIDRY and DRUIDISM for ALL DRUIDS in the 21st Century! The collected works by Joshua Free spanning 25 years–a quarter of a century! Materials from individual publications (pictured below) in ONE VOLUME–including “Druid’s Handbook”, “Elvenomicon” (Book of Elven-Faerie, Elven-Faerie Grimoire, Elven Forest Grimoire), “Draconomicon”, “Pantheisticon”, the original notebooks of “Pheryllt Researches” and special Mardukite Master Course appendix for “The Route of Druidism.”

Elvenomicon -or- Secret Traditions of Elves & Faeries

Elvenomicon -or- Secret Traditions of Elves and Faeries by Joshua Free ELVENOMICON -or- SECRET TRADITIONS OF ELVES AND FAERIES
The Book of Elven Magick & Druid Lore

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free

Global Release: August 20, 2019
Make your passage into Faerie as you discover the mysteries contained within this revolutionary and controversial underground classic by Joshua Free, revealing for the first time to the mortal world, a uniquely beautiful, authentic and complete guide to ancient Elven-Faerie Druidic Tradition, newly revised to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the original “Book of Elven-Faerie.”

Ancient Magick for a New Age

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free

AUTHENTIC DRUIDISM! Come venture into the deepest folds of the Green World, enter the Sacred Grove and initiate yourself to the greatest Celtic Mystery Tradition–the Wisdom of the Druids! Discovering true Druidic wisdom of these ancient legendary woodland mystics has never been clearer for our times!

The Book of Ancient Dragon Magick

Collector’s Edition – Hardcover

by Joshua Free

HERE BE DRAGONS! Behold the ultimate “Book of the Dragon” for modern magick-users and fantasy enthusiasts alike–now completely revised and expanded for its 25th anniversary. This underground cult-classic “Draconomicon” offers powerful teachings and lore of ancient “dragon magick” and its legacy.

The Wizard’s Handbook of John Toland

edited by Joshua Free

A Modern Edition of the Mystical Classic Hermetic Philosophy Secret Society Handbook on External and Internal Doctrines of the Ancients returns for its 300th Anniversary “Tercentenary Esoteric Edition” revised and enhanced by prodigious mystic and scholar, Joshua Free.